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Virtual Reality and Simulations Training

Using F.I.T as part of your training allows your workforce to experience an entirely new side of training. Virtual Reality allows your employees to train without distraction and be more involved than traditional training methods.
VR Headspace recreates your operation and equipment based on your requirements and budget giving your business full control of your training.
A single trainer (F.I.T) teaches your processes in a controlled, repeatable environment reducing variation and improving quality.

Save on Cost

  • Do you have limited training resources, equipment that is scarce or expensive, too many people to train at one time? If some of these limitations apply to you then using Virtual Reality could be a perfect solution for your needs.
  • F.I.T allows both businesses with limited resources and global enterprises to train multiple users without interrupting production. Using Virtual Reality reduces time and waste by becoming the trainer and virtualizing the product.
  • F.I.T helps break language barriers, allowing businesses to expand globally. By creating standards for your training in VR, it becomes easier than ever using our relocatable training processes.
  • Job analytics helps your business see areas of improvement using statistics generated from F.I.T, tracked while the users are training on the system.

Real Immersion

  • Virtual Reality can be used to simulate environments and equipment with 1 to 1 realism allowing users to experience and feel the job. Virtual Reality provides boundless opportunities for your training needs.
  • VR is used to create interactive scenarios which simulate real-life situations.
  • Training becomes fun and interesting.
  • F.I.T captivates the user with eye-popping visuals, informative localized audio, with simple to use interactive scenarios giving the user a sense of really being there.

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