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Kolor Panotour Pro V2.5.3 looks like the beginning of an excellent tour creation software.
However, there are some areas with room for improvement.

Panotour allows the user to import 360 degree images or videos as locations in the tour. The
images have the option to add a nadir patch. This is mostly used to replace a tripod and stitch
marks with a logo. Unfortunately, this option is not available for videos. The videos work well at
2160 x 1080 resolution, but much higher quality than that and they begin to freeze and jump.
Panotour seems to effect the overall look of videos, so making some adjustments outside of the
program is useful. The software seems to lower the contrast, so definitely boost the contrast
for a better result. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of brightening, sharpening and saturation
boosting before importing to Panotour.

The biggest technical issue with Panotour occurs when watching videos while viewing the last
built tour. Opening the same 360 video more than once causes a malfunction to the tour
preview. It is possible to go from one video to another, then back to the first one. However, it is
not possible to go to a video, then images, and then revisit the previously opened video. The
video does not display, and no hotspots are clickable, therefore, the tour must be restarted.
This is something Panotour must fix if they ever release an update.

When it comes to designing the tour, Panotour has some very useful modifiable features, like
the default and custom views. This gives the tour creator complete control of showing the
viewer each panorama from any hotspot at a specific orientation. Each location in the tour can
be changed at any time with the “replace panorama file” option. This makes updating any edits
to locations extremely easy. However, it is difficult to find out exactly what file is being used
without an annoying amount of searching and clicking. A simple “show file location” button
would save lots of time and frustration.

Panotour’s hotspot editor offers the ability to add pictures and videos on top of existing
locations. The preview is not accurate enough to know whether the outline of overlaid media is
in a good place or distorted. In order to view the design result, the entire tour must be built,
then played, and then the location must be entered. A more effective preview method (even
just one low resolution thumbnail) would save time and allow for more accurate design control.
The current version of Panotour shows enormous potential. Kolor should release an update
soon to continue being well-known and used as a successful virtual tour creation software.

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