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Non-Interactive VR Media & Content

  • Music Videos

  • Concerts & Events

  • Virtual Getaways

  • Education Materials

Our 360 Tours

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What we do for you

VR Headspace creates non-interactive, ambient experiences in the form of media, for Education, events, tours, and music. Using high-tech equipment and software we can record events, and generate VR ready, and viewable videos, images, tours and more, based on your requirements.


Your Dreams to Life

Our team of developers, designers, videographers, and photographers work together to bring you to the leading edge of entertainment and media. Using VR headsets available to the public, we help you target a new and modern audience, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Not only can we record 360 on site videos, and images, we can also generate ambient videos to provide artistic renderings, where there is nothing you cannot dream and nothing that we cannot create.

With the 360 technology we can use for images, and videos, we can also use for creating 360 tours of homes, buildings, golf courses, and any indoor or outdoor location where someone can stand.


Your Future Media Today

VR Headspace would work together with you to create your content, using the recording method we recommend to achieve the best results for what you and your business are looking for. We create videos for education, music videos, concerts and tours.