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Having access to different types of VR hardware, including the HTC Vive, and with the amount of time we spend working with them, we often come across setup issues. Some issues appear once and are easily fixed, others appear multiple times and are a little more difficult to diagnose. When we find a solution to a common problem we feel we should share it to help other users.


HTC Vive is plugged in and working correctly, the duplicate image on second screen works, but headset (HMD) is blank.

Obvious quick things to try:

  1. Make sure all cables are connected securely
  2. Remove and reconnect HDMI cable into computer
  3. In SteamVR settings, under ‘developer’ tab, try rebooting headset (HMD)
  4. If you have an additional HDMI port on computer try connecting to that
  5. Restart computer with all cables attached.

What finally worked for us:

  1. Close SteamVR and Steam
  2. ‘Ctrl, Alt + Del’, select task manager, and close down all Vive and Steam applications still running
  3. Browse to, or redownload, the Vive installation exe file
  4. Rerun this installation (this will not take long as as the software is already installed on the computer)
  5. Run the hardware setup process again (if you do this without installing it will not find the HDMI or USB connections, so make sure you reinstall software first)
  6. The setup should confirm seeing the HDMI and USB, and once complete the headset (HMD) will work again.

We hope this solution help users out there with a similar issue.

The VR Headspace Team

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