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Recently we received our development kit for the Microsoft HoloLens. On opening we realized how much effort Microsoft had put into this futuristic device. It was sleek, clean, and super small. How could this small wearable device pack so much punch is what I was thinking as I was holding it in my hand.

Powering on the device (it came fully charged) I immediately realized how wrong I had envisioned this to be. The field of view was a little small but was incredibly clear.  The tutorial started right away teaching me how to use things right at the beginning. I quickly got it and was off to the races. Searching the store trying to find more applications to play with.

Ever since this hit the office it has been the talk instead of our traditional VR chatter.

For the first wearable headset I really think it is going to change life as we all know it.

4.5 out of 5 stars on this device!


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