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VR Healthcare

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Our Vision for Healthcare

VR Headspace provides healthcare ready Virtual Reality solutions to bring to hospitals, and private care facilities ways of helping their patients, doctors and health care practitioners, with new modern technology for simulation, entertainment, treatments, and pain control.

VR provides multiple solutions in terms of affordability and convenience that best suite the needs of those using VR. We provide healthcare facilities, and individuals multiple options when selecting a headset, so that we can ensure that the users are both safe, and sanitary.


Patient Solutions

Here at VR Headspace, we understand that, what is most important is the patient, and their comfort. After one of our founders had experienced his own trauma, he wanted to provide others affordable, and viable solutions for escaping to other realities, to help manage pain, and provide entertainment. We provide safe, and sanitary ways for patients to receive pain control in the form of Virtual Reality experiences. We also want to provide a more immersive form of entertainment, to provide a getaway for those who need it the most.


Professional Solutions

We not only understand how important the care of a patient is, but the experience, and training of all healthcare practitioners. That’s why, here at VR Headspace, we also want to provide doctors, nurses and more training, and simulation solutions, that help prepare individuals for procedures, and the use of equipment in a controlled, and analysed environment.

Even beyond the training and simulation, we also want to provide healthcare practitioners new ways of providing treatments to patients with mental struggles, or memory issues, as VR immerses patients, non-intrusively, where they can be treated and monitored without the need for travel, or on site specialist monitoring.