VR Headspace Portfolio

Utilizing our development team’s strengths in system integration and intuitive understanding of the virtual experience, we established the company’s technology platform – a proprietary approach to creating virtual and augmented realities.

VR Headspace has taken employee training to new heights with high value, resource based training through F.I.T. (Facility Immersion Training). Custom modules are developed for our clients to enable them to learn and adapt to interactive situations within the virtual environments, allowing a greater number of people to receive advanced training at a fraction of the cost.

VR Headspace is pioneering therapeutic intervention on both a physical and cognitive level for patient rehabilitation and “in-bed” stimulation experiences for long and short term care facilities. Innovative techniques are developed in the same way that we create all our experiences, embedding real tasks and situations into the virtual world to assist in rehab and overcoming phobias.

The backbone of our leading edge projects revolve around expanding VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) application development. Our state-of-the-art lab with our team of next generation experience creators use Oculus, HTC Vive, Mobile VR and Microsoft HoloLens as the main platforms fueled by Unity.

VR Headspace ensures that clients have an experience that not only  immerses you, but also functions with the same cause and effects found in real world situations. Our virtual experiences convinces all the senses into believing you are actually there, by looking, acting and sounding just like the real thing.

VR Headspace Team

Christopher Niles – Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer ( CTO )

Chris is acting CTO leading the team on direction. Under his guidance, VR Headspace has built the first portable VR Forklift simulator and developed F.I.T (Facility Immersion Training) driving VR forward in manufacturing.

Chris also manages a large contract at GM Oshawa managing all IT integration into GM Oshawa’s JIT suppliers (Ceva, Inteva, Syncreon, AWC, Martinrea). Chris was an integral part of the 2017/2018 GM Oshawa Truck project launching four new JIT locations into GM with two of them at lineside. This helped GM Oshawa become one of GM’s 4th fastest launches achieving completion within 6 months. This was the first time GM Oshawa had JITs lineside and because Chris had prior experience in St. Catherine’s he fit perfectly into the project. This project will save GM Oshawa millions per year in transportation costs.

Chris continues to work with GM and act as CTO for VR Headspace.

Blaise Pucci – Co-founder, Investor Relations

From the minute he first experienced Virtual Reality, Blaise saw the enormous potential the technology could have, particularly in showing people things they couldn’t normally see. He made an immediate decision to invest in the area, and in the genius he saw in his team. Blaise is a seasoned entrepreneur, with many interests in real estate and leisure. Blaise’s enthusiasm drives the team toward, challenging them to make the most of their interests and technical capabilities.

Scott McCarthy – Chief Operations Officer ( COO )

Scott has extensive experience in the Canadian franchise landscape working with some of the most well-established brands in Canada and the United States.

Scott began his career at Tim Hortons as a multi-unit franchise owner/operator. After ten years with Tim Hortons, Scott expanded his horizons and joined Kelsey’s as a Franchisee owner/operator.

Having over 15 years of experience as a Franchisee, Scott made a deliberate move to apply his talent and knowledge to corporate operations, joining companies such as Sunoco, McDonald’s, Medicine Shoppe/Rexall Inc., Luxottica Retail and Pearle Vision Canada. In that time, he led, planned and opened nearly 200 franchised locations.

Most recently Scott held the position of Vice President of Operations where he led the operations team at Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters. His entrepreneurial flair, passion for spotlighting his teams’ strengths and motivating new process and systems, enabled the company’s rapid evolution and ability to more than double the business in three years.


Shelley Berman – Chief Marketing Officer ( CMO )

Shelley’s goal is simple – to empower small and large businesses to differentiate themselves, and to drive growth alongside measurable results through strategic and tactical marketing. This perspective, combined with her executive experience, ingenuity and success in marketing makes Shelley the go-to person, for companies both corporate and franchised entities looking to evolve.

The focus of Shelley’s early career was in Consumer Package Goods with Colgate Palmolive South Africa. In Canada, Shelley has leveraged her marketing flair in the technology sector as Director of Communications for Mobile Data Solutions Inc., Brand Director at Mars Canada Inc., and Vice-President of Marketing at Cara Foods Inc. for Kelsey’s, Montana’s and Milestones. Shelley recently held the position of Vice President Marketing for Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters.

Shelley has a Master of Arts degree in Industrial Psychology and has leveraged decades of proficiency which have culminated in a number of Global Marketing Awards.

Alex Bedard-Reid – Chief Development Officer ( CDO )

Alex has been part of the Game Development industry for 4+ years, learning the ins-and-outs of user interaction, simulation, and gamified learning. Building upon his foundation from UOIT, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Game Development, Alex had spent some time as a Freelance developer, creating projects for Mobile platforms improving overall knowledge of performance efficient applications.

Implementing server systems, Mobile applications, Data Tracking & Analytics, language locality systems, and modern authentication, Alex has expanded his overall capabilities to become an asset in all areas and stages of VR and AR development.

Alex manages our scalable team of developers, artists, and testers to create VR \ AR applications, ensuring that deadlines are set and met, as well as keeping team dynamics well maintained.

Victoria Warner – 3D Artist

Victoria is new to the Game Development industry, growing up she was inspired by 3d environments and CGI this lead her to focus on that as her career. Studying at Durham College, Victoria achieved her Advance Diploma in Game Development. Her chosen focus had been Modeling and Environment art. Victoria met with VR Headspace during her second year at Durham College and this partnership has continued since.
At VR Headspace Victoria manages any part of the 3D pipeline, from modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering.

Vector – Virtual Trainer

Vector is highly skilled in VR and AR. Vector’s strength comes through the unique ability to use VR experiences to transfer knowledge and skills to trainees so that they are able to increase their performance, dexterity and productivity.

VR Headspace Locations

Main Office:

Venture 13 Technology  Centre
739 D’Arcy St, Cobourg, Ontario
K9A 0H6
Phone: (289) 404-1482

VR Loft:

1688 Taunton Road,
Hampton, Ontario
L0B 1J0
Phone: (289) 404-1482