Capturing the Depths of Reality

//Capturing the Depths of Reality

360 Degree and Stereoscopic Video

360 degree technologies make the common flat video a medium of the past. Unlike two dimensional videos, 360 degree allows the viewer to look anywhere in the scene at any point in time. This is made possible by simultaneously capturing everything around the camera and then stitching those videos together. A 360 degree video engages its audience by surrounding them in action, therefore encouraging them to actively look around.

Stereoscopic takes this concept of immersion and adds an even more realistic quality. This technology creates perspective and dimension similar to what is naturally seen by the human mind. The method is to capture every viewpoint with two lenses, as a brain sees all with two eyes. Once stereoscopic footage has been stitched, the videos result in immersive scenes with endless levels of depth, creating an entertaining experience built to explore.

These cutting edge technologies will soon become the norm for online videos.

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