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VR Headspace Portfolio

Utilizing our development team’s strengths in system integration and intuitive understanding of the virtual experience, has established the company’s technology platform – a proprietary approach to creating virtual and augmented realities.

With a perfect balance of understanding, creativity and leading edge technologies, we partner with innovative businesses to build next generation immersive experiences.

VR Headspace has taken employee training to new heights with high value, resource based training through F.I.T. (Facility Immersion Training). Custom modules are developed for our clients to be able to learn and adapt to interactive situations within the virtual environments, allowing a greater number of people to receive advanced training at a fraction of the cost.

Continuing in niche markets, VR Headspace is pioneering therapeutic intervention on both a physical and cognitive level for patient rehabilitation and “in-bed” stimulation experiences for long and short term care facilities. Innovative techniques are developed in the same way that we create all our experiences, embedding real tasks and situations into the virtual world to assist in rehab and overcoming phobias.

The backbone of our leading edge projects evolves around expanding VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) application development. Our state of the art lab with our team of next generation experience creators use Oculus, HTC Vive, Mobile VR and Microsoft HoloLens as the main platforms fueled by Unity.

VR Headspace ensures that clients have an experience that not only  immerses you, but also functions with the same cause and effects found in a real world situation. Our virtual experiences fool all the senses into believing you are actually there, by looking, acting and sounding just like the real thing.

VR Headspace is located at Venture 13 in Cobourg, Ontario.

VR Headspace Founders

Chris Niles – Co-founder

Virtual Reality is the perfect place for Chris’ many talents to blend and ferment into revolutionary ways to improve people’s lives. His programming skills have evolved over two decades, at Coretec Inc. and as CTO at Nessis. Trained in graphic design, he has the key IT and spacial creativity skill for fluency in virtual reality. This rare ability makes Chris a visionary in the area, but a visionary with a strong practical sense of what the technology can be made to do. No stranger to entrepreneurship, Chris is a co-owner of Nessis and built the company to its current successful status. At VRHeadspace, Chris is leader and doer, providing strategic direction in the VR Industry, creative suggestions to achieve functional, visually stunning products, and thoughtful leadership.

Blaise Pucci – Investor/Co-founder

From the minute he first experienced virtual reality, Blaise saw the enormous potential the technology could have, particularly in showing people things they couldn’t normally see. He made an immediate decision to invest in the area, and in the genius he saw in his cofounder. Blaise is a seasoned entrepreneur, with many interests in real estate and leisure. Blaise’s cheery enthusiasm drives the team toward, challenging them to make the most of their interests and technical capabilities.