Virtual Reality – Learning without risk!

Toronto based VR Headspace releases their new website.

It’s all about the experience. The new VR Headspace web site is the definition of virtual excitement and visual appeal. You can say it over and over, or listen and watch numerous times, but there is nothing like seeing it and interacting with any learning situation to really learn and retain it. Virtual Reality (VR) does just that and VR Headspace brings this to life.

Today VR Headspace has launched their new web site to share the fundamentals of VR and to purposefully showcase their platforms VR LIFT and F.I.T to demonstrate how any company or person is able to Learn without risk. Interactive demos and non-interactive solutions are live on their web site ( to give you a just a glimpse of their capability and capacity for leading edge VR technology.

An extended, diverse and talented team have recently come together to give VR Headspace the manpower and agility to meet an ever-growing demand for Virtual and Augmented (VR/AR) within the workplace ( Say hello their most recent virtualized employee Vector ( who is able to give training in over 100 languages!