Who we are 

VR Headspace is an innovative development company that creates cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training simulations which are portable, scalable & modular. We create solutions that can be customized for specific sites, scenarios and standards.

How we do it

Safety & Standards

Optimize your workforce efficiency and output through selection and training in a precise, safe and standardized manner.

Training & Tracking

Set the “best in class” process or techniques, and use VR technology to train to this level. Leverage VR technology for tracking individual data for compliance, efficiency and output.

Anywhere & Anytime

Train or retrain your workforce at their own pace anywhere and any time through VR. The accurate recreation of any environment enables cost efficient training on specialized equipment or unique settings.

Repetition & Retention

Maximize training efficiency, resources and knowledge transfer before employees start the job or for retraining. VR enables learning by doing and seeing, and repetition is within a highly engaging environment, facilitating a 90% retention recall.

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VR Headspace Products

Our state-of-the-art VR and AR products create an environment where you learn by doing.   Real world experiences are generated in a distraction free setting, enabling multi-sensory connection that closely approximates the real situation.  This translates into unparalleled user engagement, reliable transfer of knowledge and the ultimate in user retention.

VR Lift – Forklift Training

VR Lift is an immersive platform used for realistic forklift simulation training. Developed to provide employers with the confidence that workers can be effectively and efficiently trained, giving them both a greater sense of immediate job success.

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F.I.T – Full Immersion Training

Using F.I.T as part of your training allows your workforce to experience an entirely new side of training. Virtual Reality allows your employees to train without distraction and be more involved than traditional training methods. 

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VR Headspace Solutions

The rapid evolution of technology within the workplace and demand for efficiency at every level, leaves many organizations wondering what they should do and how they can get there.  VR Headspace has consultative services that help you understand what Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can do for you and bring the solution to life through our custom development expertise.

Interactive Applications

Interactive applications to suit your business, educational and entertainments needs. With our state-of-the-art knowledge and skills working with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment, we create high-quality products based off you and your businesses requirements.

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Non-Interactive Media

Non-interactive, ambient experiences in the form of media for education, events, tours, and music. Based on your requirements, using high-tech equipment and software, we can record events and generate VR ready viewable videos, images, tours and more. 

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About VR Headspace

We are here to provide you with the development dream team that you need to create the applications of the future.

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With a perfect balance of understanding, creativity and leading edge technologies, we partner with innovative businesses to build next generation immersive experiences.

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